It’s time to go.. here’s a quick check-list to make sure you hit the road quickly.

  • Check-out is at 11:00 unless agreed otherwise.

Remember! Your key in the Nuki app will stop working at your check-out time.

Keys and passes

Please make sure that everything near the entrance is back in place for the next guest!

  • The three keys are back in their place by the door.
  • The car park pass is in the basket.
  • The 4 swimming pool wristbands are in the basket.


  • Please discard any opened perishable items from the fridge and cupboards.
  • Take any rubbish to the bins across the road – next to the Cathy’s Clown bar.


  • Please make sure that all air conditioning units are turned off, and the remotes are back in the correct rooms.
  • Log yourself out of any streaming services on the TV.

Let us know

Please let us know when you’re safely away, so we can start preparing the apartment for the next guest!

Thank you!

Thanks for staying in our apartment – we hope you had a fantastic time and that you’ll be back in the future.

Your feedback is always valuable, we appreciate any ideas you might have about how we could improve the experience!